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Ultrasonic Cleaner
Product Code: SUC-01-9L
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SONA Ultrasonic Cleaner  is a heavy duty ultrasonic generator with Pizzo Electric Transducers, bonded on the base of tank. Super powerful, auto tuning Pizzo Electric Transducers are used which are must for quick cleaning of ornaments and are imported from UK. The immersion type heaters provide the required temperature and can be controlled thermostatically. The used water can be drained out on a twirl of the stainless steel teflon sealed drain cock. The tank is made of 304 grade stainless steel and is separate from the controls to avoid short circuiting of the electronics due to accidental spillage of water.

The ornaments are cleaned thoroughly by ultrasonic vibrations of 30 KHz frequency. These ultrasonic cleaners are used for any type of cleaning procedures during the jewellery manufacturing stages, i.e. after polishing, before plating etc.

SONA Ultrasonic Cleaners are available in different capacities from 3 Liters to 30 Liters.

Model Number: SUC-01-9L


  • Electrical: 220/250 V, 50 Hz (Single phase)
  • Tank Size : 12" L x 8" B x 7" H
  • Capacity : 9 Lts
  • Heater : 500 watts
  • Ultrasonic power : 300 Watts (Avg)
  • Ultrasonic Frequency : 30 Hz ± 3%


Capacity 9 Lts
Electrical 220/250 V, 50 Hz (Single phase)