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Burnout Furnace [4 Flasks]
  In-expensive heavy duty maintainence free furnace with stainless steel body.The elemen..
Burnout Furnace [6 Flasks]
It is an in-expensive heavy duty maintenance free furnace with stainless steel body. The elem..
Computerized Casting Machine
  Machine engineered with the highest precision CAD/CAM technology and ultra modern manu..
Computerized VacuumWax Injector
This advanced vacuum wax injection system is controlled by Master Mind, an Italian CPU, A complet..
  SONA Debubblizer is a specially designed machine for vacuuming investment in a product..
    A rugged stainless steel body with top opening. Eminently suitable for elim..
Dewaxer [6 Flasks]
  SONA De-Waxer Pro  is double walled, rugged pu coated stain less steel body w..
Hot Plate
  Durable chrome top resists scratching or marring by acids or caustic materials. Unique..
Investment mixer
  SONA Investment Mixer is a fully stainless steel powder mixing and vacuum investing ma..
Lapping Machine
    SONA Lapping Machine is used for lapping flat surfaces of jewellery giv..
Liquid  Filteration  system
  A Specially designed one of a kind liquid filtration assembly ready to use this is..
Magnetic Polisher
  SONA MAGNETIC POLISHER is useful for polishing casted and hand made filigree jewellery..
Medium Frequency Melting Furnace
  Model no : Sona Medium Frequency Melting Furnace    Dimensions: ..
Metal Melting Furnace [1 Kg]
  Model Number: SMM-DN-01 Specifications: Max Temperature: 1150o C Cap..
Metal Melting Furnace [2 Kg] [Tilting]
  Model Number: SMM-DT-02 Specifications: Temperature: 1150oC ..