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Welcome to Rajson International

Rajson®  International  is  the  pioneer  in  the  field  of  Jewellery Manufacturing  Machineries  since  1981.  Over  the  years  through  R&D and  the  determination  to  provide  the  state  of  art  machinery  for  the  Indian  Jewellery  Manufacturers  at  the most  competitive  price  and  compatible  to  their  foreign counterparts.

Rajson  today  manufactures  more  than  fifty  machines  under  one  roof  and  sells  all over  India,  in  small  conventional  jewellery  workshops  to  the most  sophisticated  Jewellery manufacturing  factories.  To top it all Rajson exports to nearly 15 countries of the world.

Rajson  goes  one  step  further  in  being  the  most  trusted  name  in the  jewellery  industry  giving  their  voluntary services  to  educational  institutes  in  India.   Rajson  has  supplied  their  machines  to  nearly  12  Jewellery  Institutes  in  India. 

A  team  of  qualified  engineers  in  different  fields  forms  the  team  of  Rajson’s   R&D  department,  which  is  constantly  thriving  to  make  machines incorporated  with  latest  technology  with high  productivity  and  low  maintenance  still  keeping  in  mind  the  price  factor.

Finally,  Rajson  undertakes  project  consultancy  for  setting up Jewellery  Manufacturing  Factories  right  from  planning,  layouts,  infrastructure  and  machineries.  Rajson  also  undertakes  training  programmes  for  the  staff  and  factory  personal. 

We at Rajson manufacture range of machines for

  • Casting,
  • Finishing,
  • Polishing,
  • Plating,
  • Refining,
  • Electroforming.,

And any machine can be built to custom specification & requirements.

Recently we have introduced master alloys for the jewellery industry and are supplying them in the market at competitive rates.

So  we  can  say  that Rajson is  one  stop  for  all  the  requirements  needed  for  starting  a Jewellery  manufacturing  factory.  Provide  us  the  land  and  Rajson  will  convert  it  into  a  full  fledge  Jewellery  Factory.

We have pleasure in offering you our indigenously made Jewelry Manufacturing & Finishing Machines & Equipments at par in quality and performance to any reputed foreign manufacturer, which has been tried, tested and widely accepted by the jewellery manufacturing industry in India including export zones like Seepz in Mumbai, Sez in Surat and world over.

About Us

Rajson International is the pioneer in the field of jewellry manufacturing since 1981. Over the Years through R&D and the determination to provide the state of the art machinery for the indian jewellry manufacturers at the most competitve price and compatible to their foreign counterparts, Rajson today manufactures more than fifty machines under one roof and sells all over india, in small conventional jewellry workshops to the most sophisticated jewellry manufacturing companies. To top it all Rajson exports to nearly 15 countries of the world.

   Rajson goes one step further in being the most trusted name in the jewellry industry giving their voluntary services to educational institutes in india. Rajson has supplied their machines to nearly 12 educational institutes in India. A team of qualified engineers in different fields forms the team of Rajson's R&D department, which is constantly thriving to make machines incorporated with latest technology with high productivity and low maintainence still keeping in mind the price factor. 
 Finally Rajson undertakes project consultancy for setting up jewellry manufacturing factories right from planning, layouts, infrastructure and machineries. Rajson also undertakes training programmes for the staff and factory personel. So we can say that Rajson is one stop for all the requirements needed for starting a jewellry manufacturing factory. Provide us the land and Rajson will convert it into a full fledge jewellry factory